Hi loves,

I'm Sarah Blaho, the creator, owner and designer behind Cali Faye.

If you thought my name was Cali, don't worry.  It happens all the time.  Actually, Cali is my daughters name and when I set off to create this collection, like so many mothers do, I looked for inspiration close to home.

Expressing myself through my creativity is a natural part of who I am as a person and business owner.  I am so humbled to be able to share my craft with all of you and to see how you bring these designs to life.  

Cali Faye Collection was established in 2008 but played a different role in the world of small businesses.  I began this company by designing and manufacturing small infant and toddler clothing and accessories.  My products were offered through Etsy and several small boutiques and gift shops.  In 2010 I sold off all my inventory, packed my home and moved to Singapore.  For several months I was uncertain that I'd ever be able to open my business again as I was not permitted to work in the country.  It wasn't until a friend recommended that I continue the business but rather than offer physical products, offer my designs as digital products.  This enabled me to work as my audience was 100% online and continue my passion as a maker. 

Eight years later, Cali Faye is still going strong, with over 37 designs, an incredibly talented global audience, physical patterns offered more than 15 brick and mortar shops and two online venues.  

Thank you all for the continued support and your contributions to the maker community!

Feel free to reach out and connect to me through my contact page or direct emails to me at califayecollection.com!  

Keep up with me on my social media outlets or through my newsletter as a way to keep up to date with the latest releases and sales!  


Cheers, Sarah xo